Project in Dubai

La Ronda is a famous brand of chocolate in Dubai and their product is very popular in airport shop.
The project that we delivered is for chocolate combination. There are 14 machines of multihead weigher and 1 vertical packing machine for pillow bag and 1 doypack packing machine for pre-made zipper bag.
the speed for 5kg chocolate combinations is 25 bags/mins.
the speed for 500g-1kg one kind chocolate in pillow bag is 45 bags/min.
the speed for zipper bag packing system is 35-40bags/min.
La Ronda owner and production manager are very satisfied with the performance and quality of our machine.

Project in China

BE&CHERRY is a top two brand in nuts area in china.
We have delivered more than 70 systems of vertical packing systems and more than 15 systems for zipper bag.
Most vertical packaging machines are for four sides sealing bag or quad bottom bag.
The speed for 200g nuts with quad bottom bag is 35-40bags/mins.
The speed for 200g nuts with zipper bag is 40 bags/min.
From July to January, BE&CHERRY is running 7*24 hours most time.

Project in Mexico

ZON PACK delivered this project to Mexico through our distributor in USA.
we provide below machines.
6* ZH-20A 20 heads multihead weighers
12* ZH-V320 vertical packing machines
Platform whole body.
Multi-output bucket conveyor
This project is for small weight snack, the speed for one packing machine is 60 bags/min.
one 20 heads weigher work with 2 vertical packing machines, so total speed is about 720 bags/min. We delivered this project in 2013, the customer place order for another 4 vertical packing machines at the end of 2019.

Project in Korea

ZON PACK delivered 9 systems to this customer.
This project is mainly for products of grain, rice, bean and coffee bean, including vertical packaging system, zipper bag packaging system, can filling and sealing system. The vertical packaging system is for combining 6 kinds of nuts together in one bag.
1 system is for combining 6 kinds of grain,rice,bean into 5kg bag or other weight.
3 system is for zipper bag packaging system.
4 system is for can filling, sealing and capping system.
1 system is for zipper bag packaging and can filling.
We provide below machines:
18 *multihead weighers
1* vertical packing machines.
4* rotary packing systems.
5* can filling machines.
5*big platforms.
9* throat type metal detectors
10*check weighers